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Pencil this in!

We picked up a show at The Blackstone a couple days ago, got the lineup complete and now you can pencil sharpie this in for THURSDAY night, Feb 18th.  Yup, just a few days away.

Hank Sinatra Jr will be opening the show at 9:30


The Blood Moons (can’t wait to play with these guys finally) are going on second.


And your dear ole pals TJM will play around 11pm or a bit later.

Show up EARLY and blow your paycheck on drinks, its a FREE SHOW!


Tees will be only 5 bucks at this show (we gotta generate some gas-cash to get up to Allston on the next night), so grab one this thursday if you’ve said to yourself “10 bucks for a lousy TJM shirt ?!”… and I hear that 75orLess might be bringing some swag as well.

psst. The Blood Moons is Chris Evil’s new band!  (on the same label as us, but that’s not why I mention it, it’s because I love the new album) – “The Blood Moons debut! Hailing from New Bedford, MA, the Blood Moons combine garage rock, country, power pop and more for your listening pleasure.” – Order their new CD for 6 bucks over at the 75orLess website. (scroll down to the 6th listing)