the end of the beginning….

OK, so 2006 is just about over, and we’re just getting started.  Even though this band has been in the making for a long time, the 5 of us have only been playing together since September, which makes this our fourth month as a band….just realizing now that we’ve done a lot in this short period of time:

-Played a bunch of shows and got to meet some  really cool  people and played with some great  bands…….listed below as they happened:

city mouse (ky) / vibrolas (ky) / cut down all the tall trees (ma) /envy on the coast (ny) / the invite/the cadence (ma) / gone baby gone (ma) / the viennagram / neo nouveau / the 86’ed (nh) / final summation (ca) / code 4-15 (ca)   / headed for the smoke (ma) / the brett rosenburg problem (ma) / southcott (ny) / your black star (ky) / max prussner / robot dick / blue eyed fools / sean waters & group think / herman the great / newspaper joe (ny) / the charms (ma) / the chesterfield kings (ny) / supersuckers (wa) / new york dolls (ny..duh) / sasquatch and the sick-a-billys / the sleazies / midnight creeps / ryan rooney (tx) / alius spero (ma) / auburn (ma) / the flukes / the goners / sold-4-less / hibakusha / say when (ma) / kobe (ma).

-We also recorded a demo and an EP with Richard @ galaxy park studios that’s in the final stages of mastering with Eric at modulus studio arts. The EP will be available very soon! promise!

-We even have TJM stickers/buttons and shirts.
If you’re into that sort of thing. we are.
We’ll be looking for you all in 2007. it’s gonna rock!