February already?

We can’t believe it’s Feb 2010 already, crazy… here’s a quick update on stuff going on.

1. getting new photos cuz the old ones are just that, OLD DONE!
(THANKS Curt.  because your Girl Haggard photos rock)
2. we’re playing at Firehouse 13 on Feb 6th and at Roses Cantina on the 27th
3. anyone say “new songs?!”.. we’ve got 6 wrapped up and we’re writing more
4. video?  hmmm, gonna need massive help with that one
5. we’re looking to book MA, NH, CT, NY for March, April, May
6. huge thanks to Rob at WXIN for having us play live on his show
and here’s some photos of that fateful day that ended with The Beast getting stuck in the backyard