the return of TJM on Dec 5th

That’s right, we’re back!

No other way to put it other than “The Return of Punk Night in Sneakytown”

If you have no idea what that means then you’ll have to just go to the show to find out.  It’s gonna be a wild one!  The Jesse Minute, Gunshot Wound, Mustache Ride and… Hank Sinatra Jr. closing the night with ridiculousness.


This is how Jim feels about it… Yeah, it’s that good.


Vic and Mike are also excited about it… okay, I coulda had a better photo-op.  These are two photos from my crappy phone but at least it’s something.  I bet you’re wondering how and when (a week ago) we snagged this drum and bass combo and wondering how we’re gonna sound on December 5th…  Yeah, it’s that good.
The search is over.  Look out!