whoa… what a week!

Ok, so this past week has been crazy….here’s what happened.

The last of our merch (buttons, stickers, demo cd’s and shirts) finally came in…the only way to get the stuff is to come out to a show.

On Sunday & Monday we finalized the mixes for our upcoming 6 song EP, which is being mastered on Dec. 1st. It has been great working with Richard at Galaxy Park..he just plain rules.

On Tuesday we got to play the opening slot for the Little Stevens Underground Garage / Rolling Rock and Roll Show @ Lupos with: NY Dolls, Supersuckers, Chesterfield Kings and The Charms…it was sooo much fun!!! The whole thing was incredible and it was really cool to meet everyone. The crew made us feel really comfortable (especially Jeff). We used the tours backline, which was very disorienting for everyone but a total blast at the same time….we’re still freaked out that it actually happened, but we’ve got pictures to prove it!   and video clips coming soon…

Wednesday we played a show @ The Living Room with local legends Sasquatch & The Sick-a-Billys, The Sleazies and The Midnight Creeps…all of these bands REALLY know how to put on a show! Incredible! The whole show was fucking awesome and it was great to make so many new friends. Thanks to Snappy for putting the whole thing together.

Thursday and Friday were spent eating too much food for ThanksTAKING (thanks Sasquatch) and hanging out with family, which is always cool.

Finally we played a show @ Snookers Live Lounge (formerly the green room) with Ryan Rooney. The place is a great room to play but has not had live music in a while so Diamond Dan White has started trying to revive it lately by putting on live shows. We had a sloppy good time and played a much longer set than usual just for the benefit of this cause…understand this…If YOU don’t go there to see live music, horrible and pathetic dance music will kill yet another Providence live music venue …nobody wants to see that happen, right?! So support Dans efforts and run the rock back into Snookers… you loved the place once, you can love it again.

Now that you’re up to date……look for our 6 song EP to be available very soon!

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