Vibrolas Weekend!

Downtown Student Experience + we love Vibrolas

Thanks to all who came down to the show last Saturday at the Kennedy Skating Center! The Downtown Student Experience was a great time overall. There were lots of local businesses there with swag for students and it was cool to see skateboarders ruling the rink. Grilled Cheese got a free 1 week membership to Golds Gym and the girl who gave it to him said he would be totally ripped in a week…..lookout! The show was outside and we played at the outdoor skating rink. The last time we played there we played at ground level for a roller derby match, which was sweeet. This time they had a large covered stage with lights and a big sound system. The stage was incredibly slippery so we were doing involuntary splits the whole time. There was a cool mix of bands, spoken word, a solo acapella performance and even a skateboarding exhibition. The skaters were lots of fun during our set, especially p-rock! They were constantly ripping trick after trick. Waterfire was happening later that night, so there was quite a mix of people in the area taking it in, not just students….good times.

Our friends Chris & Leila from The Vibrolas were in town to visit. They hung at the show with us and when it was all over we proceeded to party until the next day. They are the coolest people ever and our visit was way too short. We tried to talk them into moving to providence so we could see them everyday but it didn’t work. They headed back to KY with these things to remeber us by: a sweet polaroid camera, a pair of fork earrings from rocket to mars and a pair of hangovers. We got an incredible photo album filled with photos from our tour visit with them in June and matching hangovers. I’d say we’re even until we meet again.