the past and the future

so… thanks to everyone who helped us get shows on our little weekend getaway, including the legendary Snappy who helped us with a show at The Legendary Dobbs in Philly!! Such a great lineup, we had a blast with Warner Drive and I Am Lightning especially. There was no making out involved but we did like each other, in a polite and non sexual kinda way.
We crashed in apt’s (broke one toilet seat) of some old friends and littered the streets of NY with Drew-isms-and-spit (there’s a video diary of this), Jimmy puns, Vic scenester shoes, Mikey hair gel dust and Missa’s coughing fits, all in all it was a great weekend of old friends and new friends.


Coming up this month we have 3 shows that we would love to see you at!  The December 3 show with The Furies and others looks like it’s going to be a great time, live bands and DJ to follow, can’t beat it, bring your glow sticks. Also up this month, the Local 121 show with Sharks Come Cruising and a “F*** 2012” show on December 30th at the new PVD Social Club.  No matter what kinda music you’re into, one of these shows will tickle your ass outta the couch.

check the SHOWS PAGE for details

okay, that’ll do it.