Debut of our NEW VIDEO

Yup!  Our new video is up!  You can view it right here on our site, streaming from  We have a special place in our hearts for Ethan and Mike from Propulsion Cinematography.  They started their business not too long ago but the entire process was fun, easy, relaxed and professional, but mostly a total blast.  If you need a video, go check out their website and contact them!!

During the shoot we had a run-in with some cockroaches that were imported from Madagascar.  yeah, that really happened.  We hope there is a blooper reel being made… hint hint

Click here for some “behind the scenes” photos on Ethan and Mike’s website!

The same day that we filmed the video we did a photo shoot with Sean’s buddy Chris Mongeau.  View them all right here!  He chose locations and was very comfortable to work with, we have some pretty funny ones too, email us if you want to peek at some of the shots that didn’t make it.