grilled cheese and 2008

sean.jpg who ate my grilled cheese?

holy crap, we’re the most under-documented band in Providence, photo-wise anyways… our new bass player has way more photos than we do! so welcome our photo-friendly-grilled-cheese-eating-new-bass-player to the tjm family.

we’re going to miss Brian (aka: Rabbit, aka: meaty), if you see him around please tell him “the pickle is in the mail”.

we’ve got two shows coming up
Sunday Jan 20th at the Living Room
Saturday March 1st in Warren
check the shows page for details

Also, we’re booking alot of shows for the next few months, so keep an eye out… speaking of, if you’re into taking photos at one of our shows in trade for beer, let us know!!!

We leave you with the 2007 cell phone photo history of the jesse minute

img005.jpg img006.jpg img007.jpg

img008.jpg img051.jpg img060.jpg

img075.jpg img092.jpg img094.jpg

img053.jpg img048.jpg

img100.jpg img107.jpg img106.jpg

img049.jpg img052.jpg img0561.jpg